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We are sincerely glad you found our site. Our hope is that we can help you unload some debt.

To make that happen great communication is essential.

Information needs to move from us to you and, sometimes, from you to us. Therefore, how we care for data is important.

This Privacy Policy is here to help you understand how we collect, protect, share, and use your personal information.

How Do We Collect Data?

Info you give us
All of your personal information we collect only comes from one source—you!

We believe we have information that can help make your life better. This website, our blog, and all of our social media sites exist to give us a way to share our thoughts with you. Our hope is that our content will help motivate you to take action and communicate with us.

And when that happens it’s a great moment—whether by email, or phone call, or contact form. We are honored at the opportunity, and humbled at your gesture of trust.

For that reason, any information you share with us—big or small—is handled with the utmost care and respect for your privacy.

Info collected automatically
Like almost every other website in the universe, we use cookies.

These little bits of non-executable information (not a program!) are delicious to computers and analytics programs. They help computers and websites communicate more effectively.

They also help search engines and advertisers make sure you get the information most pertinent you.

The net effect being a faster and therefore more enjoyable experience—which is why we send the cookies.

Hopefully you will find them delicious too.

Of course, we understand that not everyone wants cookies.

If you fear a bad reaction you can certainly turn them off.
You will still be able to use our site—it just may not be as fast and intuitive as usual.

When Do We Share Info?

Trusted affiliates
Once you have completed a little debt counseling we can quickly determine which programs (if any) may help you unload debt. We can then use our experience to help you get qualified. So with your permission we will share your information with our trusted affiliates.  

Law enforcement
If you can feel a mood coming on to cause some internet mayhem (as in lawbreakin’), please do not bring us into it.

Take a walk. Spin a pen. Find a priest. Whatever. Just do not gofinley. For our policy is simple when it comes to subpoenas:

If the law comes a knockin’ we will be a talkin’.   

That’s it.  

We are not Apple. We will turn you in!  

So please be good.

Change of control
What’s that? It means that if we get offered a magnificent sum of money we may decide to sell the company. The day that happens what was ours becomes theirs—including your data.  

If that ever comes to pass we will let you know it. Hopefully you will already be independently wealthy and we can all celebrate together.

Protecting Your Info

Ok. This is the point where everyone says:

We take the utmost care of your info but we cannot pledge that it could never be stolen. Electronic systems can never be completely secure.

This is certainly true—ask any politician.    

That said. Our website and blog are about secure as you will find. Here’s why..  

The majority of our content are stored on Google’s ultra-secure servers.

And because Google products are housed on Google servers, so are we.  

What could be more secure?

Links to Other Sites

Sometimes, for the purposes of clarity and convenience, we link to other sites. When you click on those links you will be transported someplace else. And when that happens you can forget the words on this page. They have become null and void. Now their policy is in effect—and it might not be as fantastic (and interesting) as ours.

Furthermore. Just because we sent you there does not mean we endorse, agree with, or even LIKE the site where we sent you! We just did it because it seemed the thing to do at the time.  

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Monitoring and Recording Phone Calls

At this moment in time. We do not record our phone calls. That’s not to say that we may not start tomorrow—we just might. 

Therefore. Our best advice is to assume that all phone calls are recorded.  

If not by us then by somebody.


We always remain in full compliance of COPPA—Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

If you under 13 years of age please leave our site now and do not return until you have a significant amount of debt!  

But seriously. We never intentionally market to anyone under 18 years of age—much less 13. If you know of anyone in our system that is a minor, please contact us immediately.

California Online Privacy Protection Act

We honor your right to privacy as well as your right not to be surprised by someone contacting you that you have never heard of.

Therefore, we will never give your personal information without your consent.

To us. Everyone lives in Cali.


This is version 1.1 of our privacy policy. If you are still reading it, then please consider two things:

  1. You are weird. Nobody reads this stuff.

  2. That you should bookmark this page and share it on social media (Please do. Help make this the first privacy policy to go viral!) so you do not miss v 1.2 when it comes out.

But seriously. When changes do occur we will let you know it. E-mail. Blog. Website. Etc.

Your Consent

If you are reading this then your consent is a given! That is, unless you have decided to reject our cookies and any attempts to provide you a faster internet experience. If that’s the case then it’s Ok. We still like you and sincerely hope we can help you unload some debt.

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