Get Your Free Credit Reports

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Credit reports are to finance as x-rays are to doctors—they let you see what’s really going on!

TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian are required by law to provide you with a free credit report every 12 months.

So they created one centralized location to make it easy for you: is the only federally authorized website to provide free credit reports.

We recommend it because you can get all 3 reports without being forced to join a mailing list or subscribe to a new service.

Why Should I Get My Free Credit Report?

Because your credit report can help you get relief. Three ways:

  1. Easily compile your bills

  2. Identify your creditors

  3. Get some good news

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Not sure yet? Then read on.

Credit Reports Compile and Categorize

If you have several accounts, gathering your bills can sound like a huge project. This can cause you to delay getting relief.

Don’t let that happen!

Pull your free credit report. It will instantly provide all the info you need to know: balances, creditors, statuses, payments, etc.

Identify Your Creditors

That may sound silly, but it’s not.

Debt is bought and sold quite often. Making it difficult at times to determine who you owe.

This is especially true if your credit is—shall we say...


Your free credit report can provide all the info you need make contact with your new friends.

Get Some Good News

Debt does not live forever. If your credit has been neglected, do not despair. Some of the debts you fear the most may not even exist anymore.

Pull your free credit report and find out.

Am I Required to Get a Free Credit Report?

No way. We are providing this information simply for your convenience.

If you already know your account info contact us for a free debt analysis.