Forgive My Credit Cards

Credit Card Forgiveness icon: Green yield sign with bold white exclamation point.

Credit card debt can be forgiven (and it can work like magic).

But you should go with caution—making sure the circumstances are right.

Credit Card Forgiveness

When credit card debt is forgiven, it’s less of a program and more of an outcome.

Basically what has occurred is that a settlement has been reached: Your creditors have agreed to take a partial payment on your debt and forgive the rest.

To achieve this result, you will need to put your debt, your creditors, and yourself through a process known as debt settlement.

Credit Card Debt Settlement

It’s not easy to persuade creditors to settle—they just don't like it. They will usually throw a huge tantrum: phone calls, threats, ultimatums, etc.

Just not a graceful process.

Therefore, we consider it a last resort—as a way to try to avoid bankruptcy.

Why put yourself through the drama if it's not absolutely necessary? Just not worth it.

So we recommend you please check your consolidation options first.