The Original Forgiveness Program - Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy icon: Torpedo shaped—orange and black—atom bomb falling downward.


We are not lawyers.
And this IS NOT legal advice.

But we would be remiss not to include a section regarding bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy has it's place—as much as we would like to avoid it.

And while it has it's limitations and drawbacks, it can still provide fast and effective relief in desperate times.

Sometimes, it's simply the best course of action. Here are a couple of times it just MIGHT be.

Zero Cash Flow

All debt relief programs (with the exception of income-driven student loan forgiveness repayment plans) require money to complete.

If you have no means to make payments of any sort—and that is not going to change in the near future.

Then the sooner you get your Bk. The sooner it will fall off your credit report.


End of My Rope

Simply cannot take another threatening phone call? Do not see an end in sight and honestly feeling kinda hopeless?

It might be time then to use the nuclear option—to just drop the bankruptcy bomb on the whole damn thing.

That's why it exists. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If nothing else is going to work.

Then why the hell not?