Consolidate My Credit Cards

Green and yellow icon of 2 credit cards. (Consolidation Icon)

Consolidate credit cards the easy way.
How easy?

  1. Bring no collateral.

  2. Apply over the phone.

  3. Get approved without a credit check.


What's the Secret?  
Consolidating the payment instead of trying to consolidate the principle. You will get better results with far less hassle.

Payment consolidation results in:

  • One Low Payment

  • Reduced Interest Rates

  • Happy Creditors

Consolidate to Pay Off Debt
Why is it better? One HUGE reason.
Consolidating the payment helps you pay off the debt—because that's how the program is designed.
Each payment significantly reduces the principal on each card. When every card reaches zero the program is complete.  
And Voilà.
Your credit card debt is gone.
Pay Less Per Month
Take a quick glance at your checkbook. Add up all of your monthly credit card payments.
See that amount?
Your new consolidated payment will be lower—often significantly lower—than what you are paying now.
Consolidate Credit Cards to Stop the Revolution
Credit card debt is also known as “revolving debt”. That’s because interest accrues per diem—which means per day (YIKES).  
And since interest is paid first, it’s incredibly hard to reduce the principal on large balances. Causing the term to stretch-out over decades (DOUBLE-YIKES).
Once consolidated you have one payment and one fixed interest rate.
And—most importantly—you will have a fixed number of payments until your debt is paid off.

Black and white icon of man celebrating credit card consolidation.